Thursday, October 29, 2009


Around our house I like to find fun things for the kids to do and a few years ago we started a family tradition at Christmas time that we would make something as a family. Our family project as I like to call it. Well I found these and wanted to do them last year but the place quit taking orders before thanksgiving last year so we had to wait. So this year I decided to get our stuff early and then we would have more time to work on it. We are also doing some a Christmas gifts this year.I cant wait to get started on them!

Friday, October 16, 2009

easy fun idea

OK I have been trying to come up with some things for the kids to do now that its getting colder and I don't have a lot of decorations for Halloween and thanksgiving so I was looking on line and found this cheap easy idea. Place mat made with construction paper and coloring pages. So easy. I made some the other day and all I had to do was color with corey! took me maybe 45 mins. I used contact paper to make them last a little longer. And the ones for thanksgiving I am going to just let the kids color. I also have scarecrows and a Pilgrim had center piece I want them to help with.

Flag Football

We had to watch the Iowa vs Iowa state game this year. I don't know why ben gets so mad with his team losses! anyway jared was watching (cause we had a ton of snack food) and said he wanted to play football. Oh if you could have seen my husbands eyes sparkle! I said that the boys had just brought home a paper from school about flag football and ben wanted to see it. So done deal jared is playing flag football. I was a little nervous about this after the broken arm this summer but they were both so excited! Ben said he would coach if they need him to and next day they needed him so he is now the coach of the Saints in flag football. The boys are so cute and have so much fun.


For labor day we went camping. I have to admit it was not the best time we ever had the kids were loud and we were not very well organized and there were alot of people. but I think we are going to do again with a little more planning!! I think the high lite was the kids found a ton of frogs in our camp site


I have to post this even though I want to crawl in a hole and die! This year corey is 3 and not quite ready for preschool but wants to learn and play with his friends. So when some moms decided to do a mom school/craft club(dont really have a name for it) I thought it would be fun for him and me. We we had been going and learning a diffrent letter each week. Well a couple weeks ago we were listing to the story on the letter D and corey gets up and starts walking around. I dont think much of it. Well I SHOULD HAVE! He goes over to vent by the door and pulls down his pants and starts peeing!! OMG. It was like slow motion I could not get up fast enough to get to him. I was so embaresed! All the other moms were laughing and I had to clean it all up. Not fun. I cant blame them for laughing though if it would have been someone else I would have to. Its a good thing he cute!

First day of school

We were so excited for school this year cause for the boys at least it ment a new school! for the past year they have been building a new building and it is so nice! Sorry I dont have pictures of the new building. the school is so much bigger and more open then the old one. Alyssa and I happend to be going to the store and got to see thme demo the old building I had my camera and took some pictures. Alyssa 12 7th grade Brandon 10 5th grade jared 6 1st grade corey 3 mom school

jareds birthday

So jared turned 6 back in August and I tried to make a transformers cake for him it didn't turn out to good but it tasted good. He really wanted the star wars clone helmet witch makes him look like a bobble head toy when he has it on but he loves it!

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